Monday, March 19, 2012

Bring Back the Turban

Bring Back the Turban

Do you remember when women wore turbans?  I do.  I think it must have been the early 1960’s.  My aunt used to wear one occasionally and when she did, she looked like a movie star or a queen.  She was probably just having a bad hair day, but I swear she looked even more glamorous than usual when she would wear a turban – usually with a long, flowing caftan – which probably meant she’d gained a few pounds and her capris were too tight.  Nevertheless, she looked smashing, exotic, very not mid western – which is what we were – living in Kansas.

Turbans came to mind the other morning just after I’d washed my hair.  As most women do, I wrap my wet hair in a big, fluffy bath towel.  To make this happen, you bend over at the waist, shake your hair out a bit to untangle it and then beginning with the towel centered at the back of your head, wrap one end in towards your forehead and then the other, giving it a little twist while folding the ends back over the top as you stand up straight, so they hang down behind your head.  Sometimes you get your turban too loose and the whole thing falls apart sooner than you might like.  Sometimes you get it just right and it stays in place until your hair has dried somewhat, your makeup is done and you can remove your turban and turn on the blow dryer.  Sometimes however, you get them too tight and it feels like all your hair is being pulled out by the roots.  The morning I began to think about turbans,  I’d gotten mine rather too tight and when I stood upright and flipped the ends back over my head I winced a bit as I turned towards the mirror.  Some people would suggest that I am now “of a certain age”, whatever that means, but I do know that I am probably about the age my aunt was when she wore her glamorous turbans. 

Here is what I learned that morning in front of the mirror.  A too-snug turban pulls your hair back hard and as a result, pulls your skin back tightly too.  I looked great – even my jawline and neck were smooth and firm – and I didn’t even have any makeup on yet. 

So, I’m thinking…turbans as a fashion statement need to make a comeback.   What do you think?

Philadelphia, PA
March 19, 2012