Monday, December 2, 2013

Not Another Tie...Not Another Pair of Earrings

It’s not that I have anything against ties and earrings…I’m a big fan of both.  I’ve been known to dip into my collection of vintage men’s ties and channel some Diane Keaton as Annie Hall style.  Geez, it’s only the first paragraph and I’m already wandering off track.  Back to my point, which is creative gift ideas:

The last of the leftover turkey is nearly gone and my thoughts have turned toward Christmas and gift giving.  My solemn vow this year?  I will not give another tie…nor another pair of earrings.  This year, I will stretch my imagination and vow to keep it fresh.  This year I’m dipping into my very own Etsy shop for a little inspiration. 

You know I’m a photographer, right?  With a shop on Etsy — here’s the link  Last week as I explained to a potential customer why photography makes lovely, unexpected gifts, it occurred to me that I should really be taking my own advice and I’ve added a handful of my images to the pile of gifts for several people on my list.

If you’re not familiar with Etsy, it’s a global marketplace with Sellers both large and small offering vintage, hand-crafted and unique items for sale.  Perfect for unique gift-giving and definitely my kind of place.  I’ve purchased fantastic items from Greece, Italy, Canada, Japan as well as from shops right here within the United States.   

So now for those gift ideas…

My mom is a writer of notes.  Birthday notes, how-are-you notes, thank you notes, condolence notes and here’s-something-that-made-me-think-of-you notes.  She doesn’t want anything, she’s at that stage of her life where she’s getting rid of all of her stuff.  So this year I’m giving her gift certificates for her favorite restaurant and notecards since she’s always running out.  I had a batch specially printed for her using images I took the last time I visited, which I know she’ll love.  I’ve just listed a series notecards in my shop that include images from Italy, Chicago, Philadelphia and some Urban Graffiti shots.  They’re packaged up really pretty too and ready to gift.
My brother and I are polar opposites and I never know what to get him.  Ever.  He’s got a big heart and is very sentimental and as his big sister I can say that I find his decor sadly lacking, so this year he’s getting - framed up and everything, mind you - a large photograph of a vintage Mobil Oil pegasus sign.  I found it in a coffee shop out in California, but they wouldn’t sell it to me, so this is the next best thing.  Our dad worked at Mobil Oil all of his life and we miss him every day.  Perfect.  Masculine, colorful, and a personal connection to the image.

Spoiler Alert for my husband:  Don’t read this if you want to be surprised when you open one of your presents this year.  I may be biased of course, but my husband has very good taste in art — we collect it together when we travel.  So, when he says he loves one of my images (wise man), I’m honored.  He’s asked me several times (a patient man as well) for one of my Abraham Lincoln images for his office and I’ve been something like the painter who never manages to get his own home painted…so this year, Mr. Lincoln it is.  

We really loved the movie with Daniel Day Lewis that came out earlier this year too.  So.  Perfect. 

Here’s my A. Lincoln and the companion American Eagle image — I like them together — maybe he’ll get both.

My friends and pals read my blog…so that’s all I’m saying for now.  Stop by my shop and wander around — think outside the box — be original, be creative.  It’s so much fun!  Easy too, since you can opt for gift wrapping for a nominal charge and make your Holidays that much easier.  Enjoy your December…it only comes once each year.  

All my very best wishes to you,
E. England