Thursday, May 3, 2012


Last week passed in beautiful bliss as I journeyed through all-day meditation classes book-ended by twice-a-day yoga classes which were taught by, possibly, the best yoga teacher on the planet.  Going deep inside is challenging, but since three of my seven days were in total silence, I gradually learned a lot about what is truly important and what isn’t. 

Five things that aren’t very important:
-the world-class fidgeter I probably wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t worn a ski jacket  (read: very noisy) to class every day
-people who talk to one another, in normal speaking voices, during lectures
-people who don’t turn their cellphones off (including the incoming message ping they think no one else can hear) during meditation
-the caterer running out of dessert before you’ve had yours
-standing in unending lines for the ladies restroom as you watch the men quickly zip in and out of theirs…all week

Normally, it is very likely that I would have efficiently set about solving all of those obvious, world-class problems in my “get things done right” fashion – but I was sworn to silence and so, instead (and this was very, very hard mind you), I learned to let it go.  Over and over and over again.  For many of you reading this, you might not think it possible, but such a beautiful, freeing, lung-expanding thing this…letting go is.

Five things that are very important:
-The things other people do that irritate me are, in every single case, simply a reflection of something within me that I am ashamed of or dislike
-I am truly, deeply beautiful exactly as I am – inside and out
-Inner peace is what will lead us to world peace
-The bright, blue California sky is breathtakingly, heart-stoppingly beautiful
-Blossoming orange trees require that you stop at every one, every day and put your face inside to smell their scent (look for bees before you sniff!)

Do you think it’s possible to capture, in a photograph, the sweet smell of the orange blossom?  That’s one of my goals now that so many previously important things are now…not.



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