Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Philadelphia Flower Show - 2013

Here's a fast, but fun post!

Flowers - by the first week of March I'm craving them.

The theme of the 184th Philadelphia Flower Show is Brilliant Britain with inspiration coming from -- where else?  Our talented and stylish gardening friends in England.  After a few hit-or-miss years, the Flower Show is “back” with lush, sweet-smelling displays that are big, creative, whimsical and luscious.  Piped in music highlights all-British bands and provides great energy -- "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..."  

If you Google the show, you’ll see lots of spectacular floral displays I’m sure, but I came away with some favorite pics that are, perhaps, a little different.  Here’s what caught my eye this year...

Hats.  I adore hats and these fascinators are so stylish!  A certain amount of savoir faire would be required to pull them off and these beauties would require regular watering as well...

This gorgeous evening gown made of...l had to look very closely...nearly toppling into the display - rice.  Oh, and there's another hat involved as
A classic display of architecture and statuary, surrounded by a verdant lawn, richly colorful, heavenly scented flowers and a fountain.  Hold on...did that statue just move?  She did.  Ever so slowly and not very often.  I loved watching the faces on the folks in the crowd as they slowly -- or suddenly -- realized the statue in the center arch was gracefully ALIVE.  Double fun.

If you haven’t been yet, this is a great year to go.  The giant reproduction of Big Ben that tolls the hour...almost allows you to believe you’re in London...not Philly.

E. England

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